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Writers-Workshop is a literature community group that enocurages writers to explore their writing through a workshop enviroment.

Our team facilitate each writing workshop for you, working behind the scenes to ensure the workshop runs smoothly.
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Oct 22, 2006


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Art Creation

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1,878 Members
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Our affiliates are original literature based groups that are not just decent groups, but potential resources that can benefit our members' writing experience.

If you run a group and would like to affiliate with us, please send in your request with a short explanation of what your group is and why you would like to affiliate :D
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Welcome to #Writers-Workshop. We're a literature group dedicated to helping our members grow through writing practice, critique and discussion. You can find out more about the group and how our workshops run on the About Us page.

Looking for the rules? You can find out what we expect of our members in the description on the About Us page. You're only likely to incur the wrath of our staff if you disregard the workshop structure (eg. by submitting deviations that aren't for workshops) or otherwise can't be bothered to make an effort. If you're confused about anything, feel free to note the group (or a staff member) and we'll be happy to help.

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Hello all

Edit 20/08/16: Still getting new participants, but this is a gentle poke for those who have signed up to remember if you have written a piece and it isn't linked below to let me know! Also a gentle reminder to write and of course there's room for more participants- it would be cool to get a full deck!

Edit 18/07/16: This is still going very well and strong! Apologies for lack of response- I did have a baby 2 weeks ago so I think I am excused a little! Really enjoying seeing these pieces coming through now, see links below to see what everyone else has got up to! 

29/06: We have managed to get all 73 cards assigned! However, fear not! In interest of Flash fiction month and the fact people are still interested, we are having a second round! This also means if you have already written a piece and want another card, you can go again also! Thank you for the enthusiasm! :heart:

To play this challenge, please respond to the forum thread:…

It's time for a forum challenge! What better timing with FlashFictionMonth (Flash-Fic-Month) ready to start in July?

This challenge visits the mystical deck of the Tarot, where every card has specific meaning and intrigue. Your job will be to pick a card and write a piece of flash fiction interpreted by that card. There's no other rules except it must be flash fiction.

How to play

1. Reply to this thread saying "in"
2. I will draw you a card from my listed Tarot deck (I don't own a deck myself so an online version shall do :) (Smile)) This shall be drawn at random and I am not giving you a reading, just a card lol.
3. You will then research your card, find out its meaning and hopefully write a piece of flash fiction to go with your card. To get you started there is this awesome link here or just get yourself on google!
4. Post your piece as a deviation and share it here!
5. I will be putting them all together in a fancy journal so you can see how everyone else has done too! 

You can have more than one go, when you finish the previous go!

This is a list of all the Tarot Cards available and assigned deviants

Those marked with a :bulletgreen: have complete pieces linked :)

Major Arcana

:bulletgreen: 0 The Fool  neurotype
:bulletgreen: 1 The Magician  joe-wright
:bulletgreen: 2 The High Priestess by The-Livewriter 
:bulletgreen: 3 The Empress by psycocat
4 The Emperor ShadowedAcolyte, blankfaceisclaimed
5 The Hierophant StarlightCrux, elliotwarren
6 The Lovers OctopusGames
:bulletgreen: The Lovers by ajb-2k3
:bulletgreen: 7 The Chariot  The-Inkling, oviedomedina

8 Strength  SanguineInkSlinger, :bulletgreen: Strength by prettyflour
9 The Hermit  Domaex, :bulletgreen: The Hermit by Kadreshi
:bulletgreen: 10 Wheel of Fortune OneWithTheStars
11 Justice blackflamingo777, Styhx
12 The Hanged Man a-girl-named-divine, fencergirl00
13 Death  SilverPsychopomp
14 Temperance KaizenKitty
:bulletgreen: 15 The Devil 13khaleesi
:bulletgreen: 16 The Tower by IcedFireFrenzy
17 The Star UsagiToxic
:bulletgreen: 18 The Moon dragoeniex
19 The Sun fyoot 
:bulletgreen: 20 Judgment  by ClamShellHeart
21 The World  EdibleShoes, IllyDragonfly

Minor Arcana

King of Swords niceness-artist
Queen of Swords eprosper
Knight of Swords TaintedTruffle
Page of Swords  TheBrokenBride
Ace of Swords ArynChris
2 of Swords Jettrainfan, starfast99
:bulletgreen: 3 of Swords by Queen-JeeDragon, KreepingSpawn
4 of Swords Mr-Timeshadow, :bulletgreen: 4 of SwordsHotheart123
:bulletgreen: 5 of Swords DameVulpes
:bulletgreen: 6 of Swords by Skull-Killer
7 of Swords Lily-Lucid
8 of Swords origamizebra
:bulletgreen: 9 of Swords by zeroZyra, Kitz-the-Kitsune
10 of Swords missionYCO

:bulletgreen: King of cups
Queen of cups xclaux
:bulletgreen: Knight of cups by oviedomedina
:bulletgreen: Page of cups by IllyDragonfly
:bulletgreen: Ace of Cups  ilyilaice, fervvent
:bulletgreen: 2 of cups  by QuixoticApricot, Enki-du
3 of cups  GoldenNocturna,:bulletgreen: 3 of cups by vegted
4 of cups RyuunosukeAkiyama
:bulletgreen: 5 of cups by The-Livewriter comatose-comet

6 of cups tiganusi 
7 of cups Comic-Ninja-Whoot
8 of cups ObsydianDreamer 
:bulletgreen: 9 of cups by Indigo-Moon-Shadow
:bulletgreen: 10 of cups  by vigour-mortis

:bulletgreen: King of Wands CalicoNorth
Queen of Wands herboundlessheart
Knight of Wands DamonWakes 
:bulletgreen: Page of Wands by Tobaeus 
:bulletgreen: Ace of Wands by TheRedSephaos, amour-raven 
2 of Wands fingerrocks
:bulletgreen: 3 of Wands TheseWingsofDarkness
:bulletgreen: 4 of Wands Zara-Arletis
5 of Wands Dream-howl
:bulletgreen: 6 of Wands by PivotShadow
7 of Wands saintartaud, LadyBrookeCelebwen
8 of Wands squanpie,:bulletgreen: 8 of wands 
9 of Wands doughboycafe 
:bulletgreen: 10 of Wands amethyst96, IntelligentZombie

:bulletgreen: King of Pentacles by ajb-2k3
Queen of Pentacles SakuraForest slaughtercountyline
Knight of Pentacles Haegun, :bulletgreen: 
Knight of Pentacles Rieal-Dragonsbane 
:bulletgreen: Page of Pentacles by Refugnic
Ace of Pentacles lion-essrampant, MetalPorSiempre

2 of Pentacles Leukippos, Orangecandy12
3 of Pentacles Augmented4th
4 of Pentacles SavageFrog, :bulletgreen: 
4 of Pentacles inkedacrylic

5 of Pentacles Lychalis, Feierlich
6 of Pentacles WhiskeyDreamer
7 of Pentacles TuesdayNightCompany
8 of Pentacles IllyDragonfly
9 of Pentacles SketchyArchitect, InsanelyCute
10 of Pentacles Harlequin-Werewolf

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries

Got Something to Say?

We'd love to have a discussion about the current workshop in the comments of the workshop blog. (You can usually find that right above this text and it's always linked at the top of the page.) Comments about the group are very welcome in the space below. You can also note the group or a member of staff with your questions and concerns. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


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Are there going to be any workshops soon?  I just found this group and it sounds wonderful, but it doesn't look like you guys have been very active.
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I hope another event will be coming up soon! 
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Hey all,

A friend and I are attempting to start up a new (free!) e-published magazine featuring all kinds of writing arts! We are currently looking for submissions to be featured in the first issue, details can be found here:

If you would like a chance to be featured in the first issue, see the link and consider contributing (guidelines for doing so are included on the blog)!

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May I ask what manner of stories you accept?
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